Prayer News – April 2020

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“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”
Isaiah 43:19 

After a long, dark and gloomy European winter season, I always long for spring. It makes me happy to see the first tiny shoots of spring flowers breaking through the soil. But I also remember years when I was so busy with work and life that I didn’t notice these little messengers of spring. Only when the flowers stood in full bloom did I realise that winter had come to an end.

This Bible verse is referring to a very dark and gloomy situation. At this time, the people of Israel were living in captivity in Babylonia. The temple where they used to meet God had been destroyed. Jerusalem was far away, and, for the Israelites, it felt as if God had forgotten about them. They must have felt hopeless.

But in this situation God asks his people: “Don’t you see that I am already at work? Don’t you understand that hope and healing is around the corner? I will bring you back and give you a new home.” This is what the people of Israel experienced. And this is what we are experiencing through Jesus, our saviour.

God is creating something new and is bringing it into reality. But only when we look carefully will we see the amazing glimmers of hope and the harbingers of change.

  • God is transforming people. Most of the time slowly and step by step, but in some cases surprisingly rapidly. We can observe how a child, a young person or an adult is starting a relationship with God and is growing in their love for Jesus and in spiritual maturity. 
  • God is creating something new amongst our own difficulties and challenges. Maybe he wants us to become people who learn to be thankful in the midst of problems (and that is a huge transformation!). Maybe he is creating a new way and opening new doors and opportunities. But our God is the God of new beginnings. 
  • Whenever God’s people are obedient to his word and commit themselves to serve a world in need, something new and wonderful happens. Dark and gloomy circumstances become places of hope – God brings streams to the wasteland.

We in Scripture Union all around the world are part of God’s mission. We are part of his transformational plan. But we can’t do what is needed in our own strength. That’s why we need to support each other in prayer. Thank you for supporting our teams around the world as they commit themselves to serve God and a world in need.

Monika Kuschmierz
International Director, Scripture Union International

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Please note: since this edition of prayer news was compiled, many of the events and meetings have had to be postponed due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. Please pray for strength and creativity for the different national and international SU teams, that they can continue to be a source of support to the world at this difficult time. 

Covid-19:   New prayer and Bible 

resources for ‘times like these’

As countries and communities all across the world are being rocked by the Covid-19 virus, Scripture Union International has launched a series of prayer and Bible reading resources to help inspire and inform us as we ask for God’s help and strength in this present crisis.You can view and download the new resources here.

Community News

Farewell & welcome


We say farewell to Albert Tamado, who steps down as Director of SU Botswana, after 10 years in post. During his time as Director he made a great impact and led the growth of the Movement, focusing on evangelism and outreach and building up fellowship groups in schools. Prayer was the main emphasis of his leadership which he kept central to all areas of the ministry for staff and volunteers. Albert oversaw many exciting developments including social responsibility, camp ministry and out-of-school work with young people.
Michael Legodi (pictured right) will take over from Albert as the new Director this month. Michael worked as a teacher, trained as a missionary pastor and holds a degree in Theology and a Diploma in music.  For many years he has served as a youth pastor and also worked in the Central Baptist Church as a missionary pastor. He says he is highly motivated to work with youth and children in schools and has worked with several youth organisations where he led youth programs including SU as a staff advisor. He is married to Selwana and they have two daughters


We give thanks for the life of Scripture Union ‘legend’ Harry Cotter who died in Australia in March. Harry had played a huge part in the life of SU in Kenya, Singapore, the UK and Australia. After being instrumental in re-starting SU Kenya in the 1970s, he was responsible for the discipling of many of the current leadership of SU Kenya. He then worked with SU Singapore and in his later life remained very linked to SU New South Wales.Harry has been described as someone with a keen mind and a love of God and of SU.  His son John paid tribute to him saying, he his father had lived a life of integrity showing others what really matters and lasts. He said, “he pointed me with actions not words, to a real Jesus worth following.” 


Outgoing Chief Executive Officer for Scripture Union Scotland Andy Bathgate will be leaving his post on a high after winning the Inspirational Leader award (sponsored by the Scottish Government). The award recognises the significant contribution he has made in developing partnerships, responding to opportunities and extending the impact of their work with children and young people.

Bible Engagement Consultation
In November 2020, we are planning to hold a Bible Engagement Consultation in Thailand, to which each Community Group will send their representatives. It aims to be the beginning of a conversation that we wish to broaden across the entire global SU movement. It will be about how we engage the next generation with God’s Big Story in the 21st century. After the consultation, the participants will share the thoughts and ideas that have been discussed within their own Community Groups.Pray with us for the preparations for this event, for the speakers, facilitators and the planning group. We will keep you updated with developments as we progress with this major SUI initiative.

Praise God!

Here are some wonderful answers to your prayers for
SU’s ministry around the world.

Praise – Canada ( English Speaking)

We thank God that SU Canada’s Sports Clubs are up and running! The clubs are run by local churches as week-night disciple-making events incorporating team talks (Bible time), experiential games, multiple sports (skills and scrimmages), Coaches Corner (testimony), team cards (take home Bible reading assignments) and awards.

Praise – Egypt

Praise God for the increasing demand for more and more Bible Engagement programs.  The commitment of the Egyptian Church to the Bible is our success! 

Praise  – Namibia
Please praise the Lord with us for the committed Christian teachers who are running SU Namibia programs at their respective schools. These teachers are using their own resources – time, money, vehicles and homes – to show Jesus Christ’s love to the young people in their care. 

Praise – Serbia
We are grateful to God for the opportunity we had to organize inclusive workshops for children and youth with disabilities in December. It was a special joy for these children from non-believing families when we visited an evangelical church to watch a Christmas sketch. One seven-year-old said, “I’m very happy I recorded the play so I can show mom and dad what happened on Christmas night.” We pray for the children and parents who heard the Good News for the first time.

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