Prayer News – January 2020

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‘The Lord came and stood there, calling as at the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”’
1 Samuel 3:10

Someone recently told me, “I don’t know why you have so many classical music CD’s. To me they all sound the same anyway!” But people who love this kind of music and are trained in listening can easily hear the differences in each piece and enjoy the depth of the music.

Proper listening and understanding always requires that we are familiar with the language we are listening to, whether it is the language of music, a foreign language or the language of an infant. And it is similar with hearing God’s voice. There are many ways of hearing God’s voice, the most straightforward, of course, being through the Bible. But we know there are more subtle ways as well, especially when it comes to hearing God’s voice in relation to a personal life question.

Sometimes it is not so easy to distinguish the voice of God from the many other voices that are seeking our attention. But it does not mean God’s voice is not recognisable. It is a question of practice, experience and having the right attitude. And it is a question of the strength of our relationship with Him.

God had to call three times before Eli, the experienced priest, was able to help Samuel. It seems that he himself did not expect to hear anything from God, at least he did not expect that God would want to directly talk to his young servant. Eli had been fulfilling a religious role but there was no true, living relationship with God. Only when Samuel came to him for the third time did he realise that it must be God that was speaking to the young boy, the God he knew from a time long past. Only then did he tell Samuel how to respond to God’s call: with willingness to hear and obey. “Speak, Lord, your servant hears” – this is the secret of communicating well with God.

When the child Samuel prayed, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening,” he opened his heart to hear God’s voice. Let us in the same child-like way listen to God and hear what He is saying to us individually and as a community whilst we are praying for each other.

With warmest greetings and blessings,

Monika Kuschmierz
International Director, Scripture Union International

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Community News


Gail Martin has been appointed as the new President of SU USA and brings nearly 30 years of non-profit Christian leadership experience to her role. Having previously served as Associate U.S. Director for Arab World Ministries, and also with the American Bible Society, she has had a life-long passion for sharing the good news of God’s Word and its power to transform hearts and minds. Gail studied communications and PR and ran her own brand consulting business. She is co-author of ‘The Desert is Alive: Streams of Living Water from Muscat to Marrakech. She has a son and a daughter who were both adopted from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She said, “I’m blessed to have young adults in the home that are active in church life. Between them, teaching Sunday School and helping lead a youth group, I get a first -hand look at the trends and felt needs of today’s generation.” 


SU Australia – New South Wales 
Director of SU New South Wales, Andrew McLachlan retired in October 2019 after making a valuable contribution to SU both during his time on the Board and as State Director. Andrew has been volunteering on SU family missions for almost 40 years. He is now looking for opportunities to work more independently with organisations looking to transform the structure of their workplaces. 

Praise God!

Here’s some wonderful answers to your prayers for
SU’s ministry around the world.

Praise –

Australia – Western

Thanks for your prayersfor our Schools Ministry. We’ve successfully launched a new digital media-based ministry, ‘Reel Change’, which has seen us film people’s stories that are relevant to High-School students. We’ve already started airing these films and would appreciate prayer for doors to opened that enable us totake this program into government schools.

Praise – Laos

We thank God for our leadership training and camp for teenagers.

Praise  – England & Wales

In a world driven by social media and hype, we give thanks for the growing impact of our new ‘Rooted’ framework for youth ministry.
Through regular Hub meetings and special Retreats, such as the recent one in the English Peak District, churches and other volunteer groups have already helped hundreds of young people to explore God’s purpose for their life’s and find the solid foundations of their faith and identity. 

Praise –

Solomon Islands

We thank God for the completion of the concept plan and drawings for the new building that will be constructed on the vacant piece of land that SU Solomon Islands owns.

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