Prayer News – March 2020

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 “Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit…” Matthew 7:17

It’s easy to feel that many things are wrong in the world and to be overwhelmed by the daily news constantly telling us of the latest disaster, especially at this current time with the threat of the Covid-19 virus. In truth, there has never been a better time in which to live. The latest verifiable evidence shows that globally, this is the most peaceful, prosperous, wealthy, healthy and safe period in history, ever!

Although there is still much to be done, there have been massive changes world-wide within the last ten years – extreme poverty has been halved, child mortality rates reduced by a third and life expectancy increased by an average of around three years. In addition, the number of ‘restricted’ countries has reduced, 50% more countries have laws protecting women and there has been a substantial increase in the number of girls receiving a secondary school education.

We can thank God for the way Scripture Union has been able to contribute to this improvement as collectively we impact the lives of millions of children, young people and families around the world each year, and they in turn impact the communities around them.

As you read this newsletter, hear the good news reports and respond to the prayer requests, let’s be mindful of the powerful effect Scripture Union has had around the world for the past 153 years and pray together for more good fruit, both now and in the years to come.

Sarah Clements
Executive Administrator

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Community News


We welcome Womba Lukwesa who has been appointed as the new director for SU Zambia. A certified Accounting Technician, Womba joined SU in 2016 as an accountant and went on to be appointed its acting director in 2018. She has a background working in accounting and is studying for a degree in Finance and Economics in her spare time. Womba is married to Ken and is a member of Praise Christian Centre Church. She loves music and tackling puzzles and games when she has time. We give a warm welcome to the new director for SU Thailand – Ekarat Itthikaiwal. Ekarat is 35 years old and has been Assistant Director of YMCA Thailand. He has a background in tourism management and has been a youth leader in part of the Church of Christ.

Heart Values

Who are we as Scripture Union? What makes us SU? How do we do what we do? What makes something ‘Scripture Union’? As we celebrate 150 plus years of ministry, what do we take into the next 150 that communicates our values? To answer these questions our ministry team are offering a fresh way to think about our Working Principles with 11 heart values that reflect the way that we do ministry.

You are invited to take your movement on a year-long journey, celebrating and reflecting on these Heart Values. Each month we will focus on a new value, along with offering videos, articles and stories to encourage you.

Each value is explored in more detail on a card, with questions with discussions and an inspirational story. You could use these cards in any setting – at an office, in a camp, at a leaders’ gathering, at a Board meeting – and talk about how your movement reflects these values. Share stories from your movement, using the Twitter handles and hashtags on the cards. Even more interesting, will be to share current pictures that reflect the value and tag Scripture Union. All these cards are available on our website to download and use with your movement. Let’s celebrate who we are, what we do, and why we do it! The heart values will be live on our website from 2 March at this link:

Praise God!

Here are some wonderful answers to your prayers for
SU’s ministry around the world.

Praise – Republic of Ireland

We give praise and thanks to God for all of our resources team who produced a new faith-based film series called ‘NUA: Origins’ aimed at age 11-14 years, which launches in March.

Praise – Trinidad & Tobago

Thank God for a very successful and well-attended Sunday School Teachers/Religious Instruction training workshop entitled ‘Stir up Your Creativity’, held in September.

Praise  – Indonesia
Praise God for the prison ministry. Some prisoners were touched by the Bible engagement ministry – they committed to follow Jesus and were baptized by the local church pastor.

Praise – Australia Northern Territory
Thanks to God for the recent new ‘Katherine Kids Games’ program that was run by SU Northern Territory in partnership with four local churches and a team from SU Victoria and SU South Australia. We have planned to expand this program into Alice Springs in October 2020 and we are hopeful that we will able to go into other remote communities across the Northern Territory. Please pray for more volunteers and resources to enable these programs to go ahead.

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Scripture Union: God’s Big Story Transforming Young Lives

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