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October 2020 Global Prayer News

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Tomorrow I will stand on top of the hill
with the staff of God in my hands.
Exodus 17:8-16




Dear friends and prayer partners,

The global SU family will come together for the Global Week of Prayer 2-6 November. It will take on different forms depending on our various situations – we will be praying as individuals during our private prayer times, or as communities in SU offices and churches. We will see each other either face-to-face or ‘just’ virtually. But we want to unite as a Community of Faith in prayer, asking God for his Kingdom to come through the global Church and our SU ministries.
You will find some prayer items in this edition of the Prayer News for each of the respective days of the Global Week of Prayer. More materials and prayer opportunities will also be available online.

While I was thinking of our prayer time together, I was reminded of the well-known story of Moses and the Amalekites. After many days of wandering in the wilderness they had tried to rest for a while, but the place was barren and there was no water to drink. God provided for the water, which was a great miracle. However, they did not have a lot of time to recover before the next challenge came along in the form of the Amalekites – who would become the arch enemies of Israel for many years.

I am wondering how Moses and the other leaders felt. Maybe they said: “Oh no, not another challenge. Not another thing we have to deal with, we just got the water issue sorted – well, actually God sorted it for us! But anyway, how are we going to deal with these rough combatants? Our people are not experienced in war. We are tired. Not another fight, please!”

I can imagine that some of our SU leaders are feeling the same way. “How can we feed our staff? How are we going to deal with the financial impact of Covid-19? How do we need to set up our ministries for a post-Corona world? Please, we do not need new regulations from the government. Oh no, not another challenge!”

But we all know what happened next. Moses, Aaron and Hur went to the top of the hill to pray to God. Joshua and several chosen fighters fought the Amalekites. And miracles happened again – the hands of Moses which were stretched out to God, were more effective than all the weapons of the Amalekites.

What an important lesson this was for the Israelites. They had to learn to trust in God´s miraculous intervention, not in their own fighting strength. The battle was decided by the worshippers and not by the soldiers!

In our modern times, in which activity is valued more than silence and prayer, this story is a humbling lesson. We can fight as much as we want – but if it is not imbedded in prayer and God´s wonderful provision, we will lose.

Let us stand up for each other before God on a regular basis, but also use the Global Week of Prayer as a special time to ask for God´s miraculous intervention.

Warmest greetings and blessings,

Monika Kuschmierz

International Director
Scripture Union International 




Global Week of Prayer

The Scripture Union Global Prayer Week will be held 2-6 November. Along with your Movement, you are invited to take part in this worldwide event.

This year’s theme will focus on our limitless God and is based on Acts 17: 24-28. Our limitless God is beyond time and space, beyond boundaries and restrictions, and does not distance himself from us. This Global Week of Prayer will invite us to continue to draw together as a Global Family in dependence on God, in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ and in reliance upon the Holy Spirit. Let us celebrate all that God has done for us, cry out to him and together reaffirm our commitment to our limitless God.

Further details and resources for Global Prayer Week are available here

You can also join us as a global family for two special events during the Global Week of Prayer:


 SU Global Prayer Week Launch

This 90-minute on-line gathering on Sunday 1 November at 7pm (London, UK time) will launch our week together and will be a time to pray in small groups and as a whole.
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A 24-hour prayer event via Zoom and streamed live on Facebook.
Join for as long as you like, any time you like, and pray with others around the world on Saturday 7 November starting at 6am (Wellington, New Zealand time).
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Community News




General Assembly 

This year’s General Assembly was held electronically 22-25 June. The meeting was attended by 96 participants which included National Movement Chairs and Directors, Global Board and Global Team members.

The agenda included a report from the International Director, the 2019 finance report, a discussion on the main SUI focus areas & COVID-19 issues, re-elections of Global Board members and general SU stories & prayers were shared

51 voting members placed a vote and declared their agreement with the Aims, Belief and Working Principles of SU International. They approved the following:

  • The 2017 and 2019 General Assembly Minutes 
  • The 2019 Financial Statements 
  • The re-election of Ray Baker, and Sam Afrane as Global Board members
  • The re-election of Christian Hellwig as the Global Board Chair


Congratulations to the Reverend Joe Mullins who celebrated his 100th birthday in July 2020. Joe served in the British Army in the Burma Campaign and was awarded the Military Cross. After the war he studied at Oxford University and was ordained in the Diocese of London. Joe served for many years in India, including ten years as a Scripture Union missionary. Joe, along with his wife Edith and their six children, then served in the Anglican community in Australia – NSW until his retirement in 1987. We give thanks to God for his work and witness.




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